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How to create a website on WordPress with no money?

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If you are pondering on how to create a website ? for your small business or blog, we are happy to help you with the process. You need to begin with choosing the right platform as a website builder. Nowadays there is a myriad of options available. But let’s cut the chase and select WordPress because it’s free!

Install WordPress and set up an account

The great thing about WordPress is that building the website here is simple and easy. If you have decent knowledge about social networking platforms, you can create a simple website with the help of WordPress. All you need to do is install WordPress and set up an account. Yes, it’s completely free.

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Streamline your content

Now that your account is set, you are free to design it with your preferred images and content for the website. Of course, the content would be based on your target group and end goal. For instance, for bloggers, the end goal is to generic more traffic and clicks. For small businesses, the end goal might be driving sales.

Choose a WordPress hosting

  • This is the part where the process is no longer free! When you want your website to go public, you would have to buy a hosting service. WordPress hosting, as you can tell by the name, is a hosting service which is compatible with WordPress. With WordPress, there are usually two options to choose from: shared hosting and managed hosting. Since you are looking for the cost-optimized solution, our recommendation would be to go for shared hosting in the beginning. In this platform, you share a server with multiple users.

Get domain name

  • Before launching your website to the public, it is imperative to get a domain name for your website. This is something like Sitename.com. Getting a domain name is important because it looks reliable and professional.

Promote your website

Among the myriads of websites, your one will not stand out or be known to people unless you promote it to your right target group. Use your personal social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn etc. to promote your website directly or indirectly.

Final words

With free websites or cost-optimized ones, it is better to go for organic promotions rather than sponsored ones. How to create a website is the easy part of the journey. Maintaining and expanding the website is the difficult part.

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Have you created your own explainer videos?